CivicLab Norfolk

Norfolk's City Data is a Strategic Asset

CivicLab Norfolk offers programs, tools, and training to help employees and residents understand and harness our city’s data to improve our community. 

CivicLab’s Core Belief

We believe a citywide culture of collaboration and data-informed decision-making is crucial to Norfolk’s success.

CivicLab’s Goals:

  • Catalyze citywide culture change to improve collaboration, transparency and trust. 
  • Connect staff and residents with data required to make informed decisions. 
  • Create tools and provide training to encourage data analysis, efficient processes and measurable progress.

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Programs, Tools and Training Offered by CivicLabNorfolk

Data Governance

Developing policies, practices and standards for data creation, sharing and use.

Data Science

Learning from our data using intelligent algorithms and large, complex data models. 

Strategic Planning

Leading the organization’s process to develop and measure progress toward strategic goals that support the administration’s focus areas. 


Improving efficiency and transparency by making city datasets available to the public via our online open data portal. 

Click here to jump to the Open Data portal. 

Technology Pilots

Connecting the private sector with our city to help solve community challenges and improve services to residents. 

Data Analytics 

Analyzing the city’s data assets that support analysis and creating valuable insights. 

Data Brokering

Facilitating the sharing and exchange of data between external organizations and city departments. 

Data Consultation

Helping departments build data models, perform data analytics and investigate new technologies. 

Power BI (Business Intelligence)

Using this powerful tool enables data analysis through interaction and dynamic visualizations. 


Providing employees with the tools and principles to identify problems, implement solutions and improve the quality and efficiency of government. 

Data Storytelling

Combining datasets, words, images and video to provide context and meaning to data. 

Click here to see the City’s dashboards on City Data. 

Performance Management

Partnering with city leadership to establish and measure performance metrics.

External Partners