Goal 2: Create Economic Opportunity by Advancing Efforts to Grow Existing & New Industry Sectors

Norfolk Hosts Opportunity Zone Financing Charrette

The City of Norfolk held the first ever finance charrette in February 2019 to explore innovative financing approaches and investment opportunities in the St. Paul's Area. The charrette brought together 70 representatives from public, private, state, philanthropic and private-wealth investment firms to think creatively about new financing models to make Norfolk's St. Paul's area vision of redeveloping an obsolete public housing community into a resilient mixed-income, mixed-use neighborhood. In March 2019, the City of Norfolk participate ed in the Opportunity Zone Investor Summit hosted by Accelerator for America in Palo Alto, California. Learn more about Norfolk's Opportunity Zone work. Learn more about Norfolk's St. Paul's Area Vision.

RE.bound Bonds

Investing in resilience is complicated. The City of Norfolk organized a workshop to discuss how to capture potential insurance benefits generated by specific coastal protection projects.