Juvenile Firesetter

Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program

The Norfolk Fire-Rescue Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program is an educational intervention program for juveniles 17 and younger. Any juvenile involved in an incident that involves matches, lighters, fireworks, flammable liquids or chemicals, explosive devices, or threatens to burn or bomb may be considered for this program.

The program consists of several classes with various topics including Fire Safety, Jail Awareness and Burn Injury. Norfolk Fire-Rescue partners with both the Norfolk Sheriff's Office and Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Trauma Unit to provide juveniles with valuable education to inform the juveniles of consequences to future behavior.

Juveniles may be referred to the program by concerned parents, teachers or neighbors. Firefighters, fire investigators, and the juvenile court system may also refer juveniles to the program. Please contact 664-6604 for further information on this program or to refer a prospective student.

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