The Design Division

The Design Division procures and manages design and construction for approximately $61.1 million in Major Improvement Projects. These projects include alterations, dredging, development, maintenance, rehabilitation, renovations, and repairs to new and existing City buildings, beaches, bridges, bulkheads, channels, curbs and gutters, infrastructure, parking garages, sidewalks, streets, and streetscapes.


Bureaus within the Design Division are:

  • Architecture Bureau - This bureau handles design management for new city buildings and renovations.
  • Building Systems Bureau - This bureau handles design management for upgrades to major electrical, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, lighting, and roofing systems.
  • Construction Bureau - The Construction Bureau is in charge of construction management and inspection services for designed projects within the Department of Public Works, in addition to major street and arterial resurfacing.
  • Engineering Bureau - This bureau does design management for all flatwork (sidewalks, roadway, streetscapes, infrastructure, curbs, and gutters).
  • Structural and Waterfront Facilities Bureau - Design management for improvements to city bridges, waterfront, parking structures, channels, and coastal regions is handled by this bureau.
  • Management and Technical Bureau - Contracts for design and construction are procured by this Bureau. In addition, this bureau prepares and processes contracts, work orders and pay requests.