Cigarette Litter

No Butts About It, Cigarette Litter Matters

Big Butts at Northside Skate Park

Are you a Norfolk business looking to put an end to cigarette litter? Request a FREE cigarette receptacle while supplies last.

Cigarette butts are the single most littered item in the world, surpassing plastics with 2 billion pounds of butts tossed annually. They may be small, but their impact is toxic and long-lasting. 

Cigarette litter represents:

  • 38% of roadway litter
  • 32% of storm drain litter 
  • 32% of litter in outdoor recreation areas 

Even worse are the toxins left behind.

  • Plastic filters never disappear. 
  • Toxins seep into groundwater and local waterways.
  • Birds and fish mistake cigarette butts for food that lead to sickness and disease.

Help stop this litter by:

  • Walking your butts to the nearest bin.
  • Carrying a pocket ashtray when you are out. Email for one today.
  • Educating others about the dangers of leaving butts behind.