Map Gallery

NameSizeMapGIS Open Data
Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ)
36" x 48"
Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ)
Annexation Map
36" x 48"

Cellular Towers11" x 17"PDF
Census Tracts8.5" x 11"
Civic Leagues24" x 24"PDFCivic Leagues
Enterprise Zones36" x 60"PDFEnterprise Zones
Fire Stations36" x 48"
PDFFire Stations
Flood Insurance Rate Map42" x 60"PDF
Flooded Streets and Intersections42" x 60"
Landmarks24" x 24"PDF
Planning Districts24" x 24"
PDFPlanning District
Precincts and Polling Locations36" x 48"PDFPrecincts
Polling Locations
Recreation Centers8.5" x11"PDFRecreation Centers
Schools 24" x 34"PDFSchools
Street Map34" x 37"PDFStreet Centerline
School Boundary - Elementary School36" x 48"
PDFElementary School Boundaries
School Boundary - Middle School
36" x 48"
PDFMiddle School Boundaries
School Boundary - High School
36" x 48"
PDFHigh School Boundaries
Super Wards36" x 48"PDFSuper Wards
U.S. Congressional Boundaries in Norfolk36" x 48"
Virginia House of Delegates with Precincts and Polling Places in Norfolk36" x 48"
Virginia State Senate Boundaries with Polling Locations in Norfolk36" x 48"
Wards36" x 48"
Wards and Super Wards with Civic League Labels36" x 48"
Super Wards
Civic Leagues
Zip Code Boundaries (Large)36" x 48"
PDFZIP Code Boundaries
Zip Code Boundaries (Small)8.5" x 11"PDFZIP Code Boundaries