City of Norfolk Retired Employees Association

Primary Goal Statement

The City of Norfolk needs to provide City Retirees the same purchasing power of their retired pay (Pension benefit) to which they were entitled to at the time of retirement and ensure it is not, at any time in the future, eroded by subsequent increases in consumer prices.

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Association Objectives

  • To promote and actively support a program designed to improve benefits for all retired employees from the City of Norfolk and their surviving spouses and beneficiaries.
  • To present informational programs designed to benefit the membership and to build good relationships, support and cooperation between this Association and the Norfolk City Government.

Meeting Time & Location

Association meetings are held the last Friday of each month at 10:30 a.m. at the Titustown Recreation Center, which is located at:
7545 Diven Street
Norfolk, VA 23505

Association Officers

  • Chuck Flowers - President
  • Arthur "Butch" Eason - 1st Vice President
  • Vicki Love - 2nd Vice President
  • Larry Harris - Treasurer
  • Pat Pheiffer - Secretary

Elections & Terms of Officers

Elections are held in even numbered years for terms beginning the following year. Officers are elected for a two-year term. No officer, except the Secretary or Treasurer, shall serve more than two consecutive years in the same office, unless filling an unexpired term prior to regular elections.


The City of Norfolk Retired Employees Association has an extensive history of service to its members. Records indicate the first official meeting of the Association was held on September 28, 1973 at the YWCA on Freemason Street in downtown Norfolk.

There were 22 retirees in attendance at this meeting. Officers were elected and by-laws were subsequently approved. The location for the meetings has changed; however, the Association has continued to meet monthly.