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Walk Norfolk Health & History Tours

  1. Application for the Health, History & Habitat Tour

    We are so sorry, but response for this Sunday’s October 16, 2016 Health, History & Habitat Tour has been overwhelming! We can no longer accept online or onsite registrations. But stay tuned! We will have many walks coming up in the near future. Much Thanks!

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  4. Ethnicity

  5. Do You Smoke?

  6. Will You Be Participating in the Health, History & Habitat Tour walk on October 16, 2016, at 2:00 p.m.?

  7. If You Are the Parent or Legal Custodian of a Minor (listed above) Registering for the Walk Norfolk Historic Tour Campaign, Does He/She have Your Permission to Participate?

  8. Do You Voluntarily Participate in the Walk Norfolk Health & History Tours campaign and Agree to Hold Harmless the Virginia Department of Health, the City of Norfolk, and the Virginia Zoological Park from Any Liability from Any Injury You Sustained from Your Voluntary Participation, Including Your Minor Child?

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