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Requirements for Pushcart Type Food Facility


  1. 1. Service Area Authorization (Mobile Unit)
  2. 2. Commissary Authorization (Push Cart)
  • Service Area Authorization (Mobile Unit)

    1. This serves to notify the Norfolk Health District that:

      I, the owner/operator of the facility noted below, will allow my facility to serve as a service area for the mobile food establishment noted below. I understand that as a service area for the mobile food establishment, I must allow the mobile unit to return for servicing on a daily basis (if needed). I understand that by signing this form, my facility will be periodically be inspected by the local health department to ensure the requirements are met.

    2. Hours of Operation

    3. Mobile Food Establishment Owner/Operator

    4. The following services are provided for the Mobile Food Establishment by the Virginia Department of Health or VDACS regulated food facility serving as commissary.

      1. Sanitary disposal of waste water and grease.
      2. Potable water for filling tanks.
      3. Disposal of garbage and refuse.
      4. Hot and cold water under pressure for cleaning.

    5. I, the owner or operator of the mobile food establishment noted above, agree to use this facility as a service area for servicing on a daily basis (if needed). I will use the service area for the requirements noted above. If I do not use the services area my Virginia Department of Health food-service permit may be revoked, and I must stop operation until I obtain another approved service area and provide a new service area authorization document to the Norfolk Health District.