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Bulk Refuse Container Application/Permit

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  3. City of Norfolk

  4. Refuse Container Application/Permit

  5. Container Address

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  7. Type Establishment

  8. Agreement

    • I agree to conform to the ordinances governing the use of bulk containers and will permit such inspections and examinations as may be deemed necessary by the Director of Public Health.
    • Copies of codes are available upon request.
    • I agree to notify the Bureau of Environmental Health Services immediately of any changes in management, services or when the applicant ceases to be responsible for the bulk container.
    • I understand that this permit is valid only for the location for which it was issued and is not transferrable from one location to another; nor from one owner to another.

  9. Note: It is recommended that the bulk container site plans to be reviewed prior to construction.

  10. Please make checks payable to:

  11. Norfolk Department of Public Health
    830 Southampton Ave
    Norfolk, VA 23510

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