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Application for Swimming Pool Permit

  1. Application for Swimming Pool Permit

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  2. Application is hereby made by direction of the City of Norfolk Swimming Pool Ordinance for a permit to operate a:

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  4. State


  5. Water source:

  6. Validity:

    Department of Health Swimming Pool Permits are valid from May 1 of each year until April 30 of the following year and are valid only for the pool facility and for the person to whom issued. All public swimming pools must have a certified pool operator approved by the director of Public Health. The Department of Health must be notified of any changes made to the pool or equipment.

  7. Fees:

    Fees for permits are as follows: Swimming pool/spa: $25.00 (Where any combination of these pools exists of the same site, the total fee shall not exceed that for a single swimming pool).

  8. Payment:

    Fees may be paid in cash or by check/money order and made payable to Norfolk Department of Public Health. Payment can be made at the Office of Environmental Health Services, Norfolk Department of Public Health, 830 Southampton Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23510, Room 3087 between the hours of 8:15am and 5:00pm; Monday through Friday. Fees must be paid in advance of opening inspection. You must call this office at (757) 683-2712 to schedule an inspection. The permit will be issued upon satisfactory completion of inspection.

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