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  1. 2020 NBN Award Nomination

    This is a nomination form for the annual Neighbors Building Neighborhoods (NBN) awards.

  2. Community Input Comments - JEB Stuart School Site (Meeting Two)
  3. NBN Academy Steering Committee Reflections

    This form is for NBN Steering Committee members to provide additional reflective feedback for NBN Academy courses beyond the standard... More…

  4. Neighborhood Engagement Information Sign-up

    Leave your name and email address if you would like to be added to a specific email list for your Neighborhood Service Area. Your... More…

  5. Rent Ready - Request a Quality Assessment
  1. 2021 UPLIFT Award Winner RSVP

    This forms provides a RSVP to Neighborhood Services from UPLIFT Award winners attending the presentation on September 11th at Lakewood... More…

  2. NBN Academy Civic Creator Cohort Registration

    The Civic Creator Cohort is a four-week series of presentations and conversation about Norfolk’s civic life among a diverse cohort of... More…

  3. NBN Steering Committee

    Thanks for agreeing to participate in the NBN Steering Committee. Neighborhood Development is collecting information on committee... More…

  4. Rent Ready - Contact Us

    Rent Ready - Contact Us

  5. Spot a Mermaid

    Help us expand out Mermaid Spotting Map to include all of Norfolk. Simply give us her location and snap a picture if possible.