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Special Event Recycling Program - Report Form

  1. Special Event Recycling Program - Report

    The Special Event Recycling Program (SERP) is offered to help businesses, organizations, and event organizers provide easy and accessible recycling to event attendees. Use this form to report recycling data from your event. 

    Report forms should be submitted within 1 (one) week after event date.  

  2. If none, put "N/A". 

    Recycling volunteers are those specifically designated to monitor the bins and/or help educate event attendees on proper recycling, i.e. handing out flyers, discussing what is recyclable at event, etc.

  3. If none, put "N/A".

  4. Please upload a picture or PDF of the volunteer sign in sheet. This will be used for verification of recycling volunteer numbers and hours only.

  5. SERP - Approximate weights information table
  6. How did you dispose of the recycling?*

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