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OV Beach Team

  1. Join the OV Beach Team!

    Join the OV Beach Team! We are committed to ensuring our Ocean View beach is clean, accessible and best represents Norfolk. By joining the OV Beach Team you are committing to do your part to keep our beaches in good condition. Are you interested in signing up?

  2. Follow these easy steps:

    Step 1. Complete the form below with your contact information
    Step 2. Identify the areas of the beach you are willing to monitor and keep clean
    Step 3. Send email updates to

  3. OV Beach Team Member Responsibilities:

    • Identify if your area has the following: pet waste station, trash cans, recycle bins, etc.
    • Check the beach access points for landscaping needs, erosion, signage damage, graffiti or anything that does not belong on the beach
    • Pick up and dispose of trash and recyclable items

  4. Need garbage bags, gloves or tips on identifying recyclable items? Contact the Keep Norfolk Beautiful office.

  5. What areas of the beach are you willing to monitor and keep clean? Pick up to (3) locations. Locations will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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