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NEC Eco Steward Award Nomination Form

  1. Norfolk Environmental Commission
    Eco Steward Award Nomination Form

    PURPOSE: to recognize individuals, businesses or organizations whose activities or accomplishments, large and small, lead to a more environmentally sustainable and resilient City of Norfolk. Nominations may be submitted throughout the year and will be reviewed on the second Tuesday of each month.

  2. Eligibility

    • Individuals, nonprofit organizations, schools/youth groups, businesses, and government entities are all eligible to be nominated for one or more categories, PROVIDED their programs, projects, or activities are carried out in the City of Norfolk.
    • Members of the Norfolk Environmental Commission and their families are not eligible to receive awards.
    • Members of the current year’s Eco Steward Awards Judges’ Panel are not eligible to receive awards.
    • Award nominees will be recognized only one time in any given fiscal year, July 1 thru June 30.
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  3. Nomination Form

    Please submit nominations by the second Tuesday of each Month.

  4. Activity(s) or Accomplishment(s)*

    Choose from among the categories suggested below and select all that apply to the activity(s)/accomplishment(s) you wish to nominate. More than one activity/accomplishment is encouraged.

  5. Briefly describe the activity(s) or accomplishment(s). What are measurable results or potential positive outcomes?

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