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COVID-19 Community Cleanup Registration

  1. Community Clean Up Registration Form
  2. List your cleanup location or let us know if you would like us to identify a place for you.
  3. Please list two dates and times you are available to pick up supplies no more than 2 weeks prior to the cleanup date.
  4. Please give two dates you are available to return supplies, no more than 2 weeks after your cleanup date.
  5. Questions or concerns about tools, pick up, drop off, or anything else regarding your cleanup.
  6. Are you 18 years old or older?*
    Choose one.
    Group Leaders must be at least 18 to register and lead a volunteer cleanup.
  7. I agree to lead a volunteer cleanup in accordance with guidelines and safety procedures set by Keep Norfolk Beautiful and the City of Norfolk. If I need to change anything on this form I will email
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