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7th Grade+ Project Assistance Request

  1. 7th Grade+ Project Assistance Request

    Keep Norfolk Beautiful is available to assist and collaborate with educators to help build on new or existing projects. Let's work together to create meaningful educational opportunities for 7th grade and older students. Use this form to request assistance on an existing project or project idea for your students. 

    Project topics should cover one or more of the following: Litter, Waste Reduction, Waste Diversion, Recycling, Reuse, and Community Beautification.

  2. Where are students meeting to perform the project or activity?

  3. Please include information such as if the project is currently in progress, being created, indoors or outdoors, intended outcomes, special tools or materials being used or needed, and type of assistance needed from the KNB Education Coordinator.

  4. Please include the date(s) of the project, time, and duration.

  5. Safety and Expectations

    - Keep Norfolk Beautiful cannot provide monetary assistance. Depending on the project, KNB may be able to provide, or help provide, tools and materials.

    - Keep Norfolk Beautiful will supply report forms to track hours of education provided and the number of participating students. 

    - Keep Norfolk Beautiful cannot provide transportation for students.

    - The requestor will be the project lead and communicate needs and expectations to KNB.

    - The requestor will ensure COVID-19 safety protocols are followed per State guidelines.

    - KNB staff will follow COVID-19 safety protocols per the City of Norfolk's employee guidelines.

  6. By signing, I attest that I am 18 years of age or older. 

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