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Workers Compensation Training Survey

  1. Thank you for attending our recent Workers Compensation training class. We would like to hear your impression of the various aspects of the training, so that we can continually improve the experience for all attendees.

  2. Overall how would you rate the training class?

  3. Please rate the following aspects of the trainer

  4. Did the trainer have a thorough grasp of the subject?

  5. Did the trainer actively invite questions?

  6. Did the trainer answer the question posed?

  7. Was individual help provided when needed?

  8. Was the trainer prepared for class?

  9. Did the trainer have a professional demeanor?

  10. Did the trainer provide time for follow-ups?

  11. How would you rate the overall skills of the trainer?

  12. Please rate the following aspects of the training class

  13. Did this class meet your expectations?

  14. Was the level of instruction appropriate?

  15. Was the length appropriate?

  16. Did the class begin on time?

  17. How would you rate the handouts/packets?

  18. Based on your experience at this training class, how likely are you to attend future training classes with us?

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