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Home-Based Childcare Network Interest Form

  1. Home-Based Childcare Network Interest Form

    Thank you for your interest in the Home-Based Childcare Network. Please complete the below interest form and a HCN Specialist will be in contact.

  2. HCN Logo
  3. Personal Considerations
  4. Do you have any health-related concerns that would prevent you from working with children?*
  5. Do you possess a high school diploma or equivalent?*
  6. Can you effectively manage your own business?*
  7. Are you willing to participate in ongoing trainings?*
  8. Are you aware of the potential personal and financial cost associated with starting/maintaining a family day care home?*
  9. Do you have a criminal background?*
  10. Does anyone in your household have criminal background?*
  11. Family Considerations
  12. Does your family support the operation of a child care program in your home?*
  13. Will your own children accept the other children?*
  14. Will your own children be able to share you and your time with other children?*
  15. Will your family support other children being in the home when they come home from school or work?*
  16. Home Considerations
  17. Do you have permission from your landlord to operate a business if you do not own your home?*
  18. Does your home have space for children's activities or children to nap?*
  19. Do you have safe outdoor play area in your yard or within walking distance?*
  20. Does your home have an area for diaper changing?*
  21. Neighborhood Considerations
  22. Do you have two (2) on-site parking space for parents to drop-off/pick-up children?*
  23. Have you talked to your neighbors about operating a child care program in your home?*
  24. Will the noise of children playing outside affect your neighbors?*
  25. Is there an outdoor space available for children's use?*
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