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Inclusive Shelter Training

  1. You have successfully completed the Inclusive Shelter Training. Please complete and submit the test below to get your completed certificate.

    • Must get 80% or better to pass.
    • You can re-take the test multiple times if needed.
    • Once you pass, you will get a link to your certificate. Please keep a copy of your certificate for yourself and give a copy to your supervisor.

  2. 1. When the City of Norfolk opens shelters, they must accommodate the whole community – people who are able-bodied or have a disability, individuals with access and functional needs, service animals, and pets.

  3. 2. Select the FIVE key operational functions to support client health, safety, and accountability:

  4. 3. Shelters have limited resources.

  5. 4. Registration and discharge is not an important function in the shelter.

  6. 5. All staff are responsible for securing all information and forms to protect resident security.

  7. 6. If not evacuating elsewhere, your family members and pets may accompany you to the shelter.

  8. 7. The Shelter Manager, typically designated from Human Services, oversees the shelter operation onsite and communicates resource requests and concerns to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

  9. 8. Any individual, regardless of disability or medical condition, who indicates they are able to function independently either with or without their caregiver will be placed in the General Dormitory.

  10. 9. Service animals may be separated from their owner.

  11. 10. Select the SIX staff expectations for professionalism:

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