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Employee of the Year Award

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  2. The winner of this award is an employee that contributes to the advancement of the City of Norfolk; demonstrates and contributes to the improvement of the quality and performance of the City of Norfolk; contributes to areas of improvement of operation and citizen satisfaction; goes beyond normal job expectations; and is consistent with the established core criteria and values outlined by the City of Norfolk.

  3. Criteria

      • Any permanent full‐time or permanent part‐time employee may be nominated.
      • Employees must exemplify all of the City of Norfolk core values of integrity, accountability, innovation and respect
      • Nominators must explain how the nominee has exemplified each of the City’s core values and how they effectively model excellent customer service and professionalism.
      • Nominations may be made by permanent full‐time or permanent part‐time employees, Department Heads, Supervisors, colleagues, self, City of Norfolk citizens, civic groups and organizations, and business and professional groups.
      • The employee may not have any documented disciplinary actions against them in the nomination calendar year.
      • Nominations are based upon achievements that have occurred within the year of award year.
      • Performance reviews may be taken into account for nomination evaluations.

  4. Directions

    Please fill out the following information to nominate a person for the above named award.   The Employee Engagement Committee will process the nomination and select the winners. If you have any questions, please email them to Forms should be submitted to the EEC email or sent through interoffice mail to “Human Resources, Attn: EEC”

  5. In three pages or less, please describe how the employee demonstrates the following behaviors: 
       • Boosts employee morale/inspiration to colleagues
       • Produces more effective operations/quality of work
       • Lowers costs
       • Provides leadership in departmental or community activities
       • Demonstrates commitment to job through consistent attendance
       • Exceptional contributions to the department’s goals and values of the City of Norfolk as a whole
       • Exhibits innovation/creativity
       • Demonstrates extraordinary helpfulness and friendliness serving the public and working with others
       • Expresses team spirit in accomplishing normal duties and special projects
       • Performs assigned tasks in such an exemplary manner as to set a record of achievement
       • Displays acts of heroism beyond the call of duty.  

    Evidence presented will be evaluated for extent to which it shows the worth of the accomplishment(s) in terms of results. Please provide specific details and examples of criteria mentioned above.  You may add pictures, articles, etc. to support the nomination.  

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