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Tax Abatement Program for Rehabilitation of Commercial & Industrial Structures

  1. FEES

    Commercial condominium conversion $250.00 per unit.
    All other commercial $250.00

  2. Tax Abatement Program for Rehabilitation of Commercial & Industrial Structures

    The Rehabilitation work must increase the property's value by at least 40%.

  3. (Structure must be 50* years old or older *20 years if in Enterprise Zone)


  5. Do you understand that renovation SHALL NOT include demolition and replacement of existing property?*

  6. Do you understand that the application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE?*

  7. Do you understand your application will not be processed until the application fee is paid?*

  8. Do your understand that the work SHALL NOT begin until receipt of approval letter and all work must be complete within three years from the date of approval letter?*

  9. Are all property taxes current?*

  10. Do you understand that the property will be immediately removed from the program if the taxes are not paid for 30 days or the property is not in compliance with Norfolk City Codes?*

  11. Have you previously applied for participation in the Tax Abatement Program for Rehabilitated Structures?*

  12. I certify that the information supplied by me in this application is complete and true to the best of my knowledge

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