Question Four:

Recruitment, selection, and retention of competent and successful law enforcement officers is critical for a community to thrive and for citizens to feel safe in their City.  Further, an inclusive and diverse police department that reflects the community leads to increased trust, cooperation, and transparency. As a candidate for Norfolk Police Chief, what experience would you bring in successful recruitment, selection, and retention of police officers and what ideas would you have to build on that experience to create a successful program in Norfolk since City leaders are very interested in creative initiatives to attract qualified candidates and ensure their longevity in the Department.

Candidate A Answer: 

During tenure at the [Redacted] Police Department I served at the Training & Recruiting [-]. My staff and I were given a task to increase minority recruits to the organization. During our first year were able to increase the number by 5% percent. However, there was interruption to my assignment due to [-]events. During my time managing recruiting we embarked on the following:

Recruiting at Historically Black Colleges and Universities in different states Recruiting at women colleges/universities in different states

Recruiting and different military exit programs Recruiting at high schools

Community recruiting (reaching out to the community for applicants) Attending recruiting fairs

I had individual officers recruiting 

My sergeant and I personally recruited Holding recruiting fairs

TV and radio recruiting interviews Recruiting from the auxiliary police ranks

These are recruiting options that I utilized in [-] 

As police chief I personally lead the charge in recruiting [-]. I utilized the changing of the guard as a means to get individuals interested into joining those organizations. I represented change and a different look and vibe that some new recruits looked for in policing. As I interview some of the new recruits most let me know that they had googled and researched me. They advised that they were looking for a change agent and agency.

In the city of [-], I partnered with local faith-based organizations and businesses to establish [-] that allowed the organizations to send mostly minority officers to the police academy. The officers signed agreements to stay at the organization a certain number of years [-]. Through this effort I was able to increase the number of black officers within the organization.

In the city of [-], I worked with the city government to change the promotion policy and introduced numerous paid stipends within the police department. These stipends paid extra [-] a year for the following:

K-9 Officer 

Motor Officer 


Crime Scene 

Bike Officer

Community Officer 

School Liaison Officer

I also changed the policy where you could test to be a sergeant and/or detective at 2 years on the department. This was attractive to young people because they wanted to go up the ladder and have an opportunity to be involved with different assignments within the police department. Plus the extra assignment pay increased their salary. We put all these changes in our recruiting brochure, and it was effective.

As the chief I will take hard review of the present recruiting and retention program of the organization. One program I would definitely take a look at is where I read that a police department is holding a police academy at a local HBCU. I love this idea. This is great opportunity to make law enforcement part of a college/university curriculum and enroll candidates just as the military.

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