Where can I get a copy of the survey results?

The survey results are available on the City of Norfolk Open Data Portal.

dataset link: https://data.norfolk.gov/Government/Resident-Survey-2022/qure-5p8r 

Also available on the City webpage is a data Dashboard which can help you explore results by specific questions, demographic, ward, and other parameters.

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1. I saw that the City of Norfolk surveyed residents about their opinions about city services. When was this done and why wasn’t I asked my opinion?
2. How many residents responded? Do they really represent Norfolk’s population?
3. Why did Norfolk conduct a survey and why was it in 2022?
4. What will be done with the results?
5. The results talk about statistical significance and MOE. What does all that mean?
6. Where can I get a copy of the survey results?
7. Where can I get a printed copy of the survey results?