How much will the inspections/maintenance cost?

Though the Department of Public Utilities monitors the installation and maintenance of these assemblies as required by the VDH, we do not have any influence or control over the contractors pricing and it can vary from one testing contractor to another. We understand that group pricing, whether through a neighborhood or homeowners association is an option that may lower your annual testing cost. Combining the test with other irrigation system maintenance may also net a savings for the homeowner.

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1. Why does the City of Norfolk Department of Utilities have a Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Program?
2. What is a cross connection?
3. What is backflow?
4. How can backflow be problematic?
5. What is a backflow prevention device?
6. What can you do to help?
7. Are all residential homes required to have backflow devices?
8. I don’t have a irrigation, sprinkler systems, boilers, geothermal heating systems or medical equipment connected to the City’s water system, do I need a device?
9. How often do I have to have my backflow assembly tested?
10. How much will the inspections/maintenance cost?
11. Will there be a list of certified testers available to us?
12. Will I receive notification when to perform my test?
13. What if I don’t receive a letter?
14. What do I do with my test report?