What happened to Citizen Request Tracker?

Citizen Request Tracker has been deactivated and removed from Norfolk.gov to make way for a brand new and improved online experience. On October 1, your new best friend delivered right to your favorite device via the new Norfolk.gov, MyNorfolk mobile app and online resident portal. Mobile-friendly design, easy to navigate, track service requests in real-time. Connecting with your city just got easier!

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1. What happened to Citizen Request Tracker?
2. So what happened to the open requests I have submitted through Citizen Request Tracker?
3. How will I receive updates on the open Request Tracker requests I had?
4. Will my existing user name and password work via myNorfolk?
5. How can I find my existing requests in myNorfolk?
6. So how will the migrated service request look like in myNorfolk?
7. I am unable to find my service request address via myNorfolk, so how do I find out what’s going on with the request?
8. I remember what form I used to fill out in Request Tracker I don’t know what request type to use in myNorfolk.