What's involved in the foster care program?

Foster homes are needed for many different situations. Some animals are too young for adoption, may have an injury, or may need a different environment than the Adoption Center can provide. Foster care is needed for those animals who are adoptable, but just need time away from the Adoption Center in order to grow, heal, or chill out. Foster care typically lasts anywhere from one week to a month or more. We usually try to match the needs of the foster home with the needs of the animal(s). Contact us directly if you would like to become a foster home for our animals.

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1. Is there a minimum age to work with animals?
2. Do you need to have prior animal experience to become a volunteer?
3. Do I need any particular skills to work with animals?
4. What's involved in the foster care program?
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6. Am I able to drop by and work whenever I have some spare time?
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