What are the Cable TV Consumer Rights?

As a cable TV subscriber in Norfolk, you have a right to:

  • Appeal to the City Cable Administrator for assistance, after contacting the cable company without satisfaction.
  • A customer service center and bill payment location open at least during normal business hours.
  • Service calls, installations, and disconnects during normal business hours within seven business days of the request.
  • Telephone answering time of fewer than 30 seconds, with an additional 30 seconds maximum time to transfer the call to a customer service representative.
  • A specific time for service calls within a time block equal to or less than four hours in length.
  • An appointment scheduled at a specific time during normal business hours convenient to you, if the technician does not meet a previously scheduled time.
  • The following materials, once every 12 months:
    • Billing and complaint procedures
    • Channel positions of the programming carried on the System
    • Installation and Service maintenance policies
    • Instructions on how to use the Cable Service
    • Prices and options for programming services and conditions of subscription to programming and other services
    • Products and Services offered
  • At least 30 days prior notice of any significant changes in the information listed above, in writing and by an announcement on the system.
  • Credit on your next bill of an amount equal to 1/30 of the monthly charge for loss of service for more than eight hours in any 24-hour period, other than a planned interruption.
  • A billing statement that is clear, concise and understandable. Such statements must be fully itemized and include basic and premium service charges and equipment charges, all activity during the billing period including any rebates and credits.
  • A response to your written billing complaints within 30 days of receipt of your complaint.
  • Refund checks and service credit issued to you no later than the next billing cycle.

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