What does Desk to 5k involve?
The plan is 6 weeks long and includes 3 runs each week, starting with lots of walking breaks to get your body used to moving more. ‘Runs’ include sections of walking and gentle running, with faster running included as the plan progresses. Where runs include sections of walking or different speeds of running, the Desk to 5k plan also gives the total time each run will take. Moving at different speeds allows your body to get used to running gradually. Activity levels need to be increased steadily to avoid injury and allow the body to adapt to the training you are doing.

A ‘walk’ is a brisk walk, keeping your breathing under control

A ‘gentle run’ is anything more than a walk, which may involve being out of breath.

A ‘faster run’ is faster than a gentle run, which is likely to leave you out of breath and feeling like you are working hard.

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