How far is 5k?
5k is 5,000 metres, or 3.1 miles. It takes most people between 25 and 45 minutes to run. A car or bus travelling at 30mph would travel 5k in 6 minutes 15 seconds (yes - both would be cheating). Some more fun ways to think of your 5k run are that you’ll be running the equivalent of the length of (about)…

25,000 guinea pigs
8,547 Labradors
167 blue whales
52 Big Bens
47 giant redwood trees
18.5 cruise ships
16 Eiffel Towers
13 Empire State Buildings
1/8th of a Marathon

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1. How far is 5k?
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4. Do I need to warm up and cool down?
5. What can I do on non-running days?
6. What should I wear?
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8. Where should I run?
9. What if I miss a session?
10. What if I get injured or if I am ill?
11. Should I eat or drink before a run or strength workout?
12. Can I do other types of exercise on rest days?
13. How do I share my success story?