What do I do if I think my assessment is incorrect?
If you have just received your annual assessment notice and you disagree with the value, you may schedule an informal appeal with this office by calling 757-823-1343. Requests for informal appeals with staff appraisers or the assessor will be accepted through end of business on May 8th.

Questions, complaints and requests regarding property characteristics may be submitted to the Office of the Real Estate Assessor at any time; however, in order to appeal any unresolved assessment matters to the Board of Review, formal appeal applications must be received no later than the last day of May. The Office of the Real Estate Assessor is available to address taxpayer concerns throughout the year. However, in the event that the appeal deadline for the Board of Review is missed, the hearing will be scheduled for the following year. Deadlines for both informal and formal appeals may be extended on a case by case basis as determined by owners’ extenuating circumstances.

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1. What do I do if I think my assessment is incorrect?
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