What is the Division of Parking?

The City of Norfolk’s Parking Division is an enterprise fund, which falls under the Department of General Services. The Parking Division operates over 19,000 public parking spaces located in 14 garages , 10 lots and more than 500 on-street spaces.

Safe, convenient and affordable parking is always available. The Division of Parking, through the efforts of all employees dedicated to excellence, shall provide safe, convenient and affordable parking services to the citizens, visitors and businesses in Norfolk.

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1. What is the Division of Parking?
2. Who are our patrons?
3. Where does the money I pay go?
4. How many parking spaces are in downtown?
5. Why is downtown parking necessary?
6. What is the busiest time to park?
7. Why do people have to pay to park downtown?
8. Who enforces on-street and off-street parking?
9. Why does Norfolk have parking meters?
10. How much does it cost to park downtown?
11. Is there special event parking?
12. Are there any programs to help defray the cost of parking for patrons of downtown businesses?
13. Are shuttle services offered?
14. Is security provided?
15. Is there parking for the disabled?
16. Does the City of Norfolk provide all the parking in downtown?
17. What days and hours are the parking meters enforced?
18. Is there parking available in downtown for buses, RVs, campers and other oversized vehicles?
19. How can I get a special parking permit to park at meters?