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The Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response consists of two divisions which are also the central point of contact for Emergency Management and Emergency Communications (911).

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Aug 30

Hurricane Idalia 8/30/2023 9 am

Posted on August 30, 2023 at 9:44 AM by Daniel Hudson


Please see the latest brief from the National Weather Service.

Another glance at Idalia’s activities doesn’t show much change in the track.  Norfolk is still at the very edge of storm impacts (don’t get caught just focusing just on the cone…)

  • The Hourly Graph shows rainfall is forecasted at 50% today at 2pm and remains more or less into tomorrow (Thursday evening).  The 72-hour precipitation forecast still shows 0.5” to 1”.  
  • Winds begin to pick up early tomorrow morning expecting to peak around 37mph in the afternoon and remains in the 30mph range until decreasing Friday afternoon.
  • Coastal flooding will be an issue.  Different from yesterday’s forecast, the level of flooding has increased.  Tomorrow morning’s high tide (10am) peaks at 5’ and evening high tide (10pm) at 5.4’. Friday’s at 11am peaks at 5’ and evening (11pm) at 4.5’.  It is important to remember while the tide flooding peaks at a given time, flooding will still occur during the buildup and recession of the water.

We continue to monitor and will keep you posted.  There are no State or Team Norfolk conference calls scheduled at this time.

Jim Redick 

Director, Emergency Preparedness and Response