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The Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response consists of two divisions which are also the central point of contact for Emergency Management and Emergency Communications (911).

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Sep 30

Hurricane Ian Briefing – 4 PM 9/30/22

Posted on September 30, 2022 at 4:29 PM by Daniel Hudson

Team –

 Here is this afternoon’s briefing from the National Weather Service.  Here are some highlights of note:

This afternoon’s tides topped out at 5.46’, just shy of what was originally forecasted.  Incidentally, the level of flooding we saw today will be similar to the next high tide at 1 am.  I encourage you to review the Tide chart and look specifically at the Monday afternoon high tide which shoots right back up into the Moderate flood level as indicated in the previous update.

According to the latest NWS rainfall observations we’ve seen well over 1.5’ in some areas with a few more forecasted.  In fact, the NWS is calling for rainfall rates that could reach 2” per hour as we see more heavy rain through tonight.

The briefing calls for gusts of 35 to 50 mph through around 10 pm tonight with the potential for 50-60 mph gusts in our area and near the coast.  The threat of tornado activity still exists this evening and through the night.  Norfolk Alert automatically sends alerts for Tornado Watches and the NWS will send a Wireless Emergency Alert for Tornado Warnings.

Currently, there are 1,910 Dominion customers out of power out of 102,579 customers served.  In other words, less than 2% of customers are currently affected.

City offices closed at 3 pm this afternoon and will resume normal operations tomorrow (Saturday).  Crews will also be on site tomorrow to address roadway debris, downed trees/limbs, and Dominion for downed lines.

There are no resource needs or requests currently.  Please feel free to send any questions, concerns, or reports to EOC-Plans@norfolk.gov

Please continue to push the use of the WAZE app.  It not only provides us with real-time awareness of the roadways but also documents instances of reported flooding which can be used for mitigation purposes.


 Jim Redick

Director, Emergency Preparedness and Response