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May 06

Team Norfolk – Severe Storm and Costal / Tidal Flooding Update (5/6/2022 at 12 pm)

Posted on May 6, 2022 at 1:12 PM by Daniel Hudson

Team –

From Jeff Orrock, Meteorologist-in-Charge with the National Weather Service in Wakefield:

This is a link to the prototype  coastal / tidal flooding web interface I shared last week - Coastal Flooding Forecasts and Mapping

It shows our tide forecasts in addition to allowing the user to overlay flood extent maps based on flood category. The flood maps can be turned on and off at the bottom of the maps. The site is fully functional and working through the final approval process. Feedback would be great. Flood maps show the potential extent of flooding by flood category, but cannot take into account local effects from wave action and rainfall. They show pure potential tide extent. 

The attached image is a model forecast image of potential MAJOR flooding at Sewells Point. Note the prolonged duration of very high tides from late Sunday through early next week. This could be one of the most impactful tidal flood events we have seen across the lower Bay and Hampton Roads in some time.

Situation Update:

Please find attached the latest graphics related to the weekend’s weather and coastal flooding.  The Hourly Graph will show you when we should expect rainfall today and when the winds will pick up tomorrow night; the Tide Chart shows the problematic duration of coastal flooding.

NWS Coastal Storm Briefing #1. 

Floodgates:  Public Works anticipates closing the flood gates starting with the pedestrian gate at the bow of the USS Wisconsin and proceeding to Brooke Street by the Sunday afternoon High tides.  They will reach out to Nauticus and Half Moon this afternoon.    

Parking availability: General Services will allow City residents to park for free in the York Garage and Brambleton Lot from noon today until noon on Monday, May 9th, pending no reassessment of the flood potential or its continued effect on the neighborhood parking.  Our friends at ODU will make campus parking garages available to the greater community and suspend parking enforcement in these areas from 5 pm Saturday (after Commencement) through 5 pm Wednesday.  Thank you, Monarchs!!!

STORM: An incident has been created in STORM to help capture flood-related reports throughout the community.

Please stand by for additional updates and email EOC-Plans@norfolk.gov with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

Thanks, everyone!

Jim Redick, Director

Norfolk Emergency Preparedness and Response