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The Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response consists of two divisions which are also the central point of contact for Emergency Management and Emergency Communications (911).

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Jan 22

Team Norfolk - Snow Forecast update (1/22/2022 at 11 am)

Posted on January 22, 2022 at 11:27 AM by Daniel Hudson

Team Norfolk -


Good morning on a beautiful Norfolk Saturday!


Current forecast: temperatures remain below freezing until late tomorrow (Sunday) morning; however, there is no more precipitation expected, the winds are decreasing, and the sun will soon come out from behind the clouds. 


Our Community Services Board reports they were able to accommodate 42 additional overnight guests.  In other words, they literally rescued the lives of 42 of our most vulnerable residents who would otherwise be exposed to frostbite, hypothermia, and death.


There is nothing to report from our 911 center, there is minimal call volume at the Norfolk Cares Call Center, and Dominion has already stated that we are without power issues in Norfolk this morning.


On the roadways, our incredible Public Works crews worked tirelessly since 7 am yesterday to pre-treat and, when accumulation reached 2”, plow the primary roads.  They report the primary roads are passable; however, there is still much to do today and into the evening.  A quick note to clarify ‘passable’ does not mean clear; rather, it means “the road is useable but unsafe because snow and/or ice still exists on the street.  It is available in a limited capacity and requires additional work.” Clear means “the road is completely free from snow and/or ice and no further action is required.” (see page 15 of the Winter Storm Annex).  Their plan is to apply a more concentrated salt to the sand mixture to promote additional melting to assist with plowing operations.  Our messaging remains consistent with the NWS Hazardous Weather Outlook which states, “Slick driving conditions will continue to be a concern today, especially on untreated secondary roads.”  We continue to encourage everyone to stay off the roads when at all possible.


Additionally, crews from General Services and Parks and Recreation are addressing entrance ways and stairs at public buildings, snow/ice in city garages (block access to top decks), the removal of snow/ice around recreation centers and libraries as well as primary ingress points to/from public buildings.  The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office also has snow removal crews working the parking lots to city hall and to the jail compound.  In summary, all is going according to plan. 


For all city departments and our partner agencies who are willing, please send us a status report by 3 pm today to EOC-Plans@norfolk.gov.



Jim Redick, Director

Norfolk Emergency Preparedness and Response