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Jan 21

Team Norfolk - Snow Forecast update (1/21/2022 at 5:45 pm)

Posted on January 21, 2022 at 5:54 PM by Daniel Hudson

Team Norfolk,

It would be incorrect to say we’ve been in a holding pattern because the incredible women and men in the Public Works Streets and Bridges Division have been out and about treating primary roads, bringing, and putting down a sand/salt mixture with their brine trucks and spreaders.  Simultaneously, other departments have been making their response preparations in according to their SOP’s and the overall Team Norfolk Winter Storm Annex.

Norfolk is still under a Winter Storm Warning with snow had begun to fall.  We should continue to see snow until the system moves out of the area by around 6 am tomorrow morning.  We are also still projected to get 4” with a 10% chance it could reach 6”.

Along with the potential for wet snow in parts of Norfolk after 10 pm and any consequent power outages, an additional item of concern is re-freezing.  In other words, our plowing efforts may be assisted by a decrease in cloud coverage throughout the day tomorrow, but the temperatures will remain below freezing until they begin to warm up Sunday reaching a high of 40 degrees (from around 1 pm to 4 pm).  This should help melt some snow and ice; however, only temporarily.  Temps will drop right back down to below freezing later Sunday evening and overnight until 9 am Monday. That which is melted may freeze again.

Latest Announcements:

  • City Manager Dr. Filer has made the decision to keep city offices (libraries, recreation centers) closed, resuming normal operations Monday morning.
  • Norfolk Cares Call Center will also be on duty tomorrow.
  • Lastly, as it pertains to the testing and vaccination operations at Military Circle Mall: they are closing at 5 pm today and will be suspended Saturday and Sunday (no vaccines are given on Sundays anyways).

Stay safe and more to come tomorrow, 

Thank you!

Jim Redick, Director

Norfolk Emergency Preparedness and Response