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Jan 19

Team Norfolk - Snow Forecast update (1/19/2022 at 6 pm)

Posted on January 19, 2022 at 6:04 PM by Daniel Hudson

Team Norfolk,

The latest briefing from the NWS is below and attached for your review.  Be advised Norfolk is now under a Winter Storm Watch

Based on the Total Snow graphic (and the Probabilistic Snowfall Forecast), Norfolk is looking at around 7.3” of snow with the worst-case scenario being 11”.

The Hourly Graph reflects the timeframe from tomorrow (Thursday) morning into Saturday morning.  We should see rainfall beginning late morning tomorrow with a quick transition to snow around 5-6pm.  Simultaneous with the snowfall, the winds pick up and the temperatures drop to freezing which could prove problematic on the roadways.  We must also be cognizant of the fact the chance of snow never really goes away; rather, it may fall from the time it starts tomorrow through Saturday morning which, again, may amount to 7-11” when all is said and done. 

With the inclement weather and frigid temps, we have plans in place to accommodate our residents experiencing homelessness.  Additionally, should we experience a widespread power outage, we have a Plan B with shelter teams put on stand-by.  As it pertains to the roadway and plowing operations, Streets & Bridges crews will begin working 12-hour shifts starting tomorrow at 7 am. There will be a main focus to keep bridges, underpasses, intersections, and major arterials open. According to the Department’s Snow Removal Plan, primary routes and emergency facilities (Police stations, Hospitals, Amtrak, HRT, etc.) are the main priority. Depending on how the weather event progresses, that will determine when the department addresses secondary routes. All bridges and major intersections are getting brined today and tomorrow. 

More to come after tomorrow morning’s NWS Update Briefing.


Jim Redick, Director

Norfolk Emergency Preparedness and Response