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Nov 10

Ohio Creek Watershed Project Fall 2020 Update

Posted on November 10, 2020 at 12:43 PM by Stephanie Daniel

Haynes Creek Culvert Fall 2020

The Ohio Creek Watershed Project in Chesterfield Heights and Grandy Village continues to move forward as the City and partners advance the project. To learn more about the project progress, check out the Fall 2020 Newsletter
         Photo provided by MEB Inc.

Interested in viewing current efforts? Click here to view the Ohio Creek Project Progress Video: Ohio Creek Project Progress Summer 2020.

November 2020
Ohio Creek Watershed Project Chesterfield Academy Site Visit Fall 2020
Staff from the Office of Resilience and the Public Works department paid a visit to Chesterfield Academy school to meet with Principal T. Michele Logan and the Assistant Principal Sally Adams.  A new playground is being installed on the west side of the school for the younger children and basketball courts will be built on the south side of the school in the coming weeks.  This complete upgrade in outdoor activities for the students is part of the Ohio Creek Watershed Project which broke ground in February of this year.  Construction of the Resilience Park near Chesterfield Academy and other stormwater management features in the surrounding community will be complete in early 2023.