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Oct 28

Retain Your Rain Project Installation at Little Theatre of Norfolk

Posted on October 28, 2020 at 11:17 AM by Margaret Epes

On Saturday October 10, 2020, The Little Theatre of Norfolk installed their Retain Your Rain features funded by the Office of Resilience’s Spring 2020 Retain Your Rain Mini Grant. A group of 9 volunteers along with Little Theatre of Norfolk Board Members, and City employees from Keep Norfolk Beautiful, Public Works, and the Office of Resilience worked together, following COVID safety guidelines, to create a beautiful landscape that captures and utilizes rainwater. Three trees, eight grasses, six shrubs, and 46 perennials were planted. All of these are native species tailored to the specific site based on a landscape assessment and soil testing. Additionally, two dry wells were installed to catch water flowing from two of the downspouts.

Volunteer Day Volunteer Day
Volunteers Installing Dry Well
Volunteers planting
Volunteer Day Installation
Volunteer Day Installation

Take a look at the before and after pictures for inspiration on how you can Retain Your Rain! 
Downspout Before Image  Downspout After Image with Dry Well

Downspout Before Image Downspout After Image with Dry Well and Landscaping

Downspout Before Image Downspout After Image with Dry Well and Landscaping

Front and Left Side of Building Before Image  Front and Left Side of Building After Image

Questions or comments on how you can do your part? Email or call (757) 441-2602.