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The Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response consists of two divisions which are also the central point of contact for Emergency Management and Emergency Communications (911).

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Apr 10

Team Norfolk Emergency Operations - COVID-19 Update 4-6-2020

Posted on April 10, 2020 at 4:59 PM by Dan Sousa

Team –

As of this writing, the Virginia Department of Health has announced 2,637 confirmed cases in the Commonwealth with 51 fatalities.  Norfolk is credited with 59 cases and still the one fatality back on April 1.  It is important to remember last Friday Governor Northam announced May as the peak period for demand on our healthcare system according to their models.

As we enter a new Operational Period (Monday to Monday, 9am), please find attached last week’s Incident Action Plan (IAP) with updates and modifications in red text as well as this week’s IAP listing our collective goals and objectives for this week.


The Helpers:

As we continue to talk with our children about this incident, we all remember Mr. Rogers encouraged us to “look for the helpers… when you look for the helpers, you’ll know that there’s hope.” Throughout Team Norfolk there are many; for this update, I’d like to highlight the following:

  • The workers at the Port of Virginia as well as the truck drivers who continue to keep the supply chain moving.
  • Norfolk Public Schools, the FoodBank, Mercy Chefs and all our faith partners who continue to provide sustenance to those in need through their distribution points, open pantries and soup kitchens which can be found through our meal locator.   If any are missing on the map, please let us know at EOC-Plans@norfolk.gov!!
  • The Salvation Army delivered over 800 meals to mid-risers in Norfolk to seniors. Will continue their Food Bank and food panties for those in need. They will also continue their shelter operation.
  • While trash collection has been suspended in some places, our Public Works Waste Management Crews keep on keeping on.  Deploying the appropriate social distancing measures (one professional in a truck), they continue to collect the community’s refuse which does so much for the community’s sanitation, sanity and morale!
  • Very much connected with garbage collection, it is important we recognize and thank the folks in the Norfolk Cares Call Center.  Because of the necessary measures to suspend bulk and yard waste pickup, the NCCC have been on the receiving end of thousands of calls, literally, many of which have been abusive.  Nonetheless, they remain professional and continue to provide accurate and actionable information to our residents and businesses.  But please, 1.) don’t be that rude caller, and 2.) discourage others from being one as well.
  • Mr. Kurt Krause and Ms. Dawn Whittaker of VisitNorfolk have relieved us of the burden of hotel coordination to ensure accommodations for essential workers and more.  This can be a logistical nightmare and we’re incredibly thankful to Kurt and Dawn for their efforts!!

Resource Needs

  • American Red Cross still needs blood.
  •  PPE, to include home-made masks.
  • Food Bank is in need of monetary donations (not foodstuff donations).
  • CoronaAid757 is in need of people and donation support (monetary and foodstuff).
  • Volunteer Hampton Roads is also looking for more volunteers for the many missions they are supporting.

Please note we are posting resource needs in HSIN.  Also, if your department, organization or agency is in need of any resources, please submit your request(s) to EOC-Plans@norfolk.gov.  It is important to be as specific as possible.  Think C-SALTT: Capability (what are you trying to accomplish), Size (gloves come in different sizes), Amount, Location (where to deliver), Type and Timeframe by which its needed. 

Rumor Control:

If you become aware of any rumors circulating, please let our Joint Information Center (JIC) know at JIC@norfolk.gov and/or visit our Frequently Asked Questions https://www.norfolk.gov/4859/Frequently-Asked-Questions



One quick note to encourage folks to complete their census information.  While we hear that the information informs government representation and $$ coming into our Commonwealth, believe it or not the census has a direct impact on COVID-19 and all other disaster planning efforts.  More specifically, much of the information on which we and our GIS team rely for important decisions comes from census information.  Click here for some examples. 

I completed my census online which took 10 minutes.  Please consider doing the same.


One Community.  One Team.  One Unified Effort.


Thanks, everyone!



Jim Redick, Director
Norfolk Emergency Preparedness & Response

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