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May 15

'Looking forward: Chief Resilience Officers share their hopes for the next 5 years' by 100RC

Posted on May 15, 2018 at 4:20 PM by Katie White

(This article was borrowed from 100 Resilient Cities)

As hard as it is to believe, five years ago the position of Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) did not exist in any city in the world. Today there are at least 86, all acting as champions of a city’s resilience efforts and an essential leader who drives the process of developing a holistic Resilience Strategy. Working under the auspices of the city’s chief executive, the CRO brings together multiple government agencies to take on challenges and opportunities in a collaborative manner – an effort often unseen in municipal government.

100RC takes great pride in the outstanding work done by member cities’ Chief Resilience Officers. We asked a group of them from across the network to reflect on the past five years as part of the 100RC network and share their excitement for the five years ahead.

Norfolk's Chief Resilience Officer's hopes for the next five years:

St. Paul's Quad

Over the next five years, the St. Paul’s area transformation is an opportunity to implement all facets of Norfolk’s Resilience Strategy in a 240-acre area of our city. Our goal is to transform an area of highly concentrated poverty adjacent to downtown into a vibrant mixed-income and mixed-use neighborhood. The redevelopment targets three public housing communities, currently cut off from the economic centers of Norfolk by an antiquated and flood-prone grid of streets and highway. While managing the water serves as a catalyst for change, we are working with community members and partners to create strong neighborhoods where all residents thrive. Our partnership with 100 Resilient Cities now focuses around this transformation, and we are excited by the support and expertise brought by 100RC.

To view the full original post & to see how other CROs around the world responded, visit 100 RC's website. 

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