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Mar 28

[ARCHIVED] Approval / Adoption - Team Norfolk Emergency Operations and Resilience Framework 3-28-18

The original item was published from March 28, 2018 11:40 AM to May 19, 2022 11:13 AM


I am delighted to report City Council unanimously approved and formally adopted the Team Norfolk Emergency Operations and Resilience Framework last night!  You may find most of these plans here or by going to and select ‘Emergency Operations Plans’.

To paraphrase Ms. Amanda Ripley in her book The Unthinkable: Those Who Survive Disasters and Why: it’s not enough just to tell people what to do during a disaster, you must explain the how’s and the why’s.  This is why the plans are posted – to not only explain the complexities of a particular incident but also with hopes of alleviating any confusion regarding plans and expectations.  Please take time to review these documents and bounce them off your own organization’s (business, House of Worship, etc.).  Use these plans as your own and develop Standard Operating Procedures in accordance with the overarching annexes.  This will better ensure we all play by the same sheet of music. 

It cannot be overemphasized - these documents are all of our plans, meaning not just the City’s but our partners – which includes you - as well.  The plans were developed inclusive of guidance materials, studies, lessons learned and input from throughout Team Norfolk.  We look to you to review and offer input as well.  Without your input, there remains a real danger of tragic unmet needs occuring during an incident. 

Norfolk Emergency Preparedness and Response stands by ready and willing to assist you in your planning efforts.  As they saying goes, “the disaster is not the time to exchange business cards.”  Please reach out to us at (757) 441-5600 now so we as a community may be even stronger and more resilient when it counts the most!



Jim Redick
Director, Norfolk EOC