Division of Emergency Management

Who We Are

  • Coordinates the development and implementation of comprehensive disaster planning, mitigation, and response activities under the provisions of city and state statutes
  • Assists in planning for present and future needs and improvements in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Conducts training and exercises by scheduling educational classes and instructing in all areas of both natural and man-made emergency planning
  • Maintains a comprehensive emergency management plan by preparing guidelines, protocols and processes, reviewing all aspects of emergency planning, and understanding governmental programs and how they interact with City of Norfolk emergency management capabilities

What is the EOC?

The EOC is the command and control center during any special event or disaster, (natural or man-made) and provides a central point for coordinating operational, administrative, and support needs. It also assists in coordination and communication between Mutual Aid Coordinators and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management during city-wide and state-wide emergency response and recovery operations.

The EOC is used to gather and process information to and from local community partners, volunteer organizations, individuals, and state and federal government agencies. In addition, the EOC may become responsible for managing the tactical operations of regional resources designed to more efficiently use the pooled or external resources to benefit the city as a whole.