Core Values

Accountability: To take ownership and responsibility for individual and team actions and remain focused on the priorities of the City of Norfolk and Norfolk Fire-Rescue.

Integrity: Model honest and trustworthy behavior through an inclusive and customer oriented government. Ensure that actions are based on an ethical character and a positive reputation both on and off duty. Communication that is consistent, accurate and complete will build public and organizational trust. Do the right thing, the right way. Your actions and words reflect your thoughts and your values.

Respect: Treat all with dignity and courtesy by listening, empathizing, and valuing opinions and perspectives. Treat others fairly and equitably. Our actions and words support a healthy, civil and positive environment. Harassment in any form is unacceptable.

Professionalism: Obtaining, maintaining, and enhancing personal knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure the delivery of the highest quality service at all times.

Safety: Continuous regard for the welfare of self and others through commitment and compliance with department orders and safety standards.

Innovation: Support continuous improvement and demonstrate a civic entrepreneurial attitude by generating new ideas, advancing best practices, and effectively operating as a team. Share knowledge by serving as a mentor.