Office of the Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney

The Office of the Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of all felony charges and some misdemeanor charges resulting from violations of the Criminal Code of Virginia which occur in the City of Norfolk. The Office also handles certain civil matters which include forfeiture actions against property used in connection with crimes and violations of election laws.


The work of the Office is led by the Commonwealth's Attorney, a constitutional officer elected by the citizens of Norfolk, and is supported by:

  • Legal Secretaries
  • Paralegals
  • Prosecutors
  • Victim/Witness Advocates and Other Professionals

Prosecution Teams

Each person in the Office works hard daily to ensure the efficient, effective, and ethical prosecution of defendants and comprehensive representation of crime victims and witnesses in the appropriate courts in Norfolk: Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, General District Court, and Circuit Court. Generally, everyone in the Office is assigned to one of seven prosecution teams.

  • Drug Team
  • Gang Team
  • General Prosecution Team
  • Juvenile Team
  • Juvenile Violent Crime/Domestic Violence Team
  • Special Crimes Team
  • Violent Crime Team

Additional Responsibilities

In addition, the Office is responsible for two programs in support of public safety and criminal justice in Norfolk.

  • Community Collaboration Center
  • Victim/Witness Assistance Program


The Office's Victim/Witness Assistance Program supports the prosecution teams by having advocates work with prosecutors to help ensure the comprehensive representation of crime victims and witnesses in criminal cases. The Office's Community Collaboration Center focuses on crime prevention initiatives and community outreach opportunities.