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Why invest in a deferred compensation plan?

For most Americans, pension and Social Security benefits will not provide enough retirement income. The 457 deferred compensation plan makes investing easy and can help you create a more financially secure future for you and your family.

What is a 457 plan?

A 457 deferred compensation plan is a retirement plan that allows public employees, like you, to set aside money for retirement from every paycheck.  Employees may defer compensation into the plan on a before-tax basis or after-tax (ROTH) basis. 

Deferred compensation plan benefits include:

  • Bridging the gap between your pension and Social Security benefits
  • A variety of investment options provide opportunities to grow your savings
  • Supplemental income in retirement
  • Financial counseling 
  • Participation is optional and you can change your contributions at any time

What is an IRA?

An individual retirement account (IRA) allows you to save money for retirement in a tax-advantaged way. You take before-tax or after-tax dollars and deposit them into an IRA account. You can then invest that money in stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds or other assets.  Contributions to Roth IRAs are not tax-deductible, but withdrawals from Roth IRAs are tax-free and there are no taxes on investment gains.  Contributions to traditional IRAs are often tax-deductible. However, withdrawals from traditional IRAs in retirement are taxable as ordinary income.

IRS Annual Contribution Limits

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