NEON District Streetscaping Project

Project Information

For decades, Granby Street has been a hub of activity in Norfolk, always reinventing itself to reflect the spirit of the people and the times. The section of Granby Street in the NEON District is iconic, the center of the creative revival.

The NEON District Streetscape Project is more than just a beautification project. These critical infrastructure improvements will benefit businesses and residents for decades to come. Additionally, the project provides new technology to enhance the overall visitor experience. These improvements to the NEON District will reflect and enhance the energy of the area, the people and the businesses.

Granby Pretty Exhibit image Opens in new windowProject Location

Granby Street from E. Brambleton Avenue to E. Virginia Beach Boulevard

Key Project Features

  • Reconstruct the roadway, sidewalks and curbs
  • Add ADA-compliant ramps and painted crosswalks
  • Update traffic signals and add pedestrian signal heads and buttons
  • Replace water and sewer system
  • Upgrade stormwater collection and add a conveyance system to improve drainage
  • Introduce a biofiltration system to address water quality
  • Modernize utility lines with underground electrical conduits providing electrical service directly to properties
  • Install street lighting with new lamp posts
  • Improve landscaping with tree canopy and planter boxes
  • Add new amenities including seating and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations 

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The input that you provide now will help shape the construction work hours and traffic management plans during construction. 

The City will continue to coordinate with businesses and residents to try to minimize impact throughout construction.