Traffic Operations Center

The Traffic Operations Center (TOC) oversees the maintenance of traffic signal infrastructure, traffic signs, pavement markings, and provides support for special events.

TOC's signal group provides around the clock response for 315 signalized intersections, 120 school and pedestrian crossing signals, 22 continuous and activated flashers, and more than 30 dynamic speed limit display signs. The signal group also provides inspection services for all newly installed or upgraded traffic signal items and oversees Miss Utility responses for overhead and underground traffic signal-related items. They also removes graffiti from signal-related items and takes down objects tangled in non-energized lines that are over the public right-of-way. 

TOC's signs and pavement marking group maintains more than 700 miles of lane markings, 813 crosswalks, and 9,400 pavement marking legends. Additionally, they manufacture signs for in-house and specialty projects as well as removes graffiti from signs & posts and provides support for various special events. Lastly, this group is responsible for repair and replacement of more than 40,000 traffic signs city-wide.