Bulk Container Program

The City regulates private waste collection in accordance with Section 41 of the Code of Norfolk.

Bulk containers include commercial dumpsters, roll out cans, and temporary construction dumpsters. For information on obtaining a permit for a Portable Storage Unit/POD please contact The Department of City Planning at (757) 664-4752.

All bulk containers require a permit issued by the Norfolk Department of Public Health. Permit applications and site plans can be found here. Click here to download the printable version Application for Bulk Container Permit or to apply online, click here.

Bulk containers should be serviced regularly to prevent an accumulation of waste. Improperly serviced dumpsters can attract pests and be an unsightly nuisance. All bulk containers must be properly screened from public view.bulk container

The following conditions must be met in order to receive a permit for a bulk container:

  • Container is in good working condition free of frust and holes.
  • Container is equipped with adequate drain plugs
  • Doors and/or lids properly close
  • Site is free of solid waste, spillage, or overflow.
  • Container is free of insect and rodent breeding.
  • Container is placed on a concrete slab.
  • Container is screened from public view.
  • Container is not displacing any required parking spaces.

Concerns regarding bulk containers and accumulation of solid waste can be reported to MyNorfolk or you can call 757-664-6510.